AI gets real

Genevieve Bell, Distinguished Professor at ANU, on how society should approach overarching philosophical and practical questions when planning for the future of AI.

Australia taps in

Australian universities are creating anchors for AI research, in collaboration with government initiatives.

The largest algorithm provider?

Established in 2014 and now valued at $4.5 billion, Beijing-based SenseTime is often referred to as the world’s largest AI startup.

Japan: Fusing digital and physical

The country is forging ahead with plans to create a ‘super smart society’ aimed at overcoming many of the challenges that will be faced by an aging population.

India: Finding its way

The lack of structure around data gathering hampers the development of the country's AI ecosystem, but there are signs that government readiness for driving AI solutions is increasing.

Charts: AI and jobs in Asia

A sneak peek of the data that will be released as part of the upcoming "AI and human capital" report, the third part of the "Asia's AI agenda" series.

Autonomous driving: Safety first

Self-driving vehicle technology has made significant advancements; now there needs to be an industry standard for self-driving safely.

Companies see value, challenges in AI

Organizations today have faith in artificial intelligence, results of an ongoing survey show. But a dearth of tech expertise and low-quality data are slowing implementations.

Asia’s AI agenda: AI for business

Senior executives in Asia are bullish about AI as a source of future competitiveness, a new study finds.
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